Data File Apportioning Java Project


The objective of the Data-File Apportioning application is to develop a system using which users can exchange files and documents. The transfer of files can be done using different application level protocols. The purpose is to enable fast and efficient transfer of data.

Existing System:

The present systems allow file transfers, but these systems support and provide only primitive functions. Often, these are not sufficient to transfer large number of files in a short span of time. Moreover, these systems do not support file sharing features effectively.

Proposed System:

The proposed Data-File Apportioning system provides a number of functions and facilities for fast and effective transfer of files and documents. The system also allows sharing of important files and documents using either HTTP or FTP protocols. This sharing facilities allows users to view the files on other systems without actually downloading them.


The Data-File Apportioning system is proposed to have the following modules:

File Transfer Module:

This module provides basic functions to allow transfer of files and documents across the network. A user can select one of the other nodes on network and upload the files. This allows a group of users working on the same task or project to quickly exchange the necessary information. Users are allowed to transmit one or multiple files at the same time. When the file is actually transmitted, the sender will get a feedback message about the status of transfer.

HTTP Module:

HTTP module provides file sharing. We have to start HTTP server and put one or more files and documents in shared mode. Other users can view the files through a browser by using the appropriate URL.


FTP module also provides file sharing. We have to start FTP server and then we put the required files in share mode. The users can view the files in a browser.

Software Requirements:-

• Programming Language : Java
• Java Version : JDK
• Operating System : Windows XP/LINUX

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