Data Transmission Using Multitasking Sockets Java Project with Code

This Project was developed with Java Programming under JCreator tool where server crated with Java socket programming. This project can work on any operating system but to run this application we should have at least 256 RAM.

The primary aim of this entire project is to send any type of data ( including rich media files, documents, simple text messages) over the internet, to send the data from client we have used different data sending protocols like SMTP, POP, TCT, IP. No other database server required to run this project.

Modules implemented in this Java application are email application for both both client and server, Inbox feature, Drafts, send mail, create new folder to store messages, read and unread mail module.

Main Modules below:

  1. Inbox module for Data Transmission Using Multitasking Sockets below:
  2. View Media Attachments:

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