Three Layer Security Login Java Project

Security system authentication application is designed to provide a three-layer login procedure for any application. Most of the login security methods have three procedures which are password-based login, OTP-based login, and login and OTP combined authentication procedure. These methods can provide login security for users to a certain level but some application requires more authenticated methods which are mainly useful for banking and payment methods.

In this project, three-layer login methods are developed which have password login, image selection then OTP login.  In this application when a user registers with the application user fills out the registration form with the image selection option which is stored in a database. Whenever the user logins to the application first user need to give a password if that is correct second stage image selection should be done if the image is correct then OTP is given then the user can log in to the application.


The main objective of the three-level security system is to provide advanced security to web applications and to prevent unauthorized access.


Text passwords are the most commonly used technique for authentication and have several drawbacks.

Graphical passwords provide a promising alternative to traditional alphanumeric passwords due to the fact that humans can remember pictures better than text. 


A simple graphical password authentication system that consists of a sequence of ‘n’ images and the user has to select the click points associated with the correct image for successful login.

The task of selecting weak passwords is more tedious, discouraging users from making such choices.

We proposed this security system as a building platform to access the system.


  • Operating system:  Windows XP/7.
  • Coding Language:  Java
  • Tool: Netbeans
  • Database:  MYSQL

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