File Security System Java Project

Abstract: In this File Security System application we mainly show’s that how to store the file with security using Encryption algorithms. The user will login to the application by giving a valid email id of whom the file security key must be sent. After successful login the user will upload the file the file will encrypt and stored in the given path and security key sent to given mail id.The user will download the decrypted file by giving security key which is received in user mail id.

The application has the only one module


The user will login to the application by giving username and password and the valid mail id. After logging the user will upload the file and the file will be an encrypted security key is send to mail id and if he wants to decrypt the file he needs to enter the security key which is sent to mail id and select the encrypted file.

Existing System:

In previous applications there we need to store the file in the database and encrypt the file. Storing the file in the database is not secure so to overcome the existing system we developed this application.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed system, we will not store the file in the database so there is no issue in unsecure of a file. The person who is having decryption key must also have the encrypted file to decrypt the file.


Fig: login Page

In this page user will login with username and password and the mail id to receive the security key

Fig: Admin home page

After Logging the home page will show the basic functionalities

Fig: File Upload Page

In this page, we will upload the file.

Fig: File Download Page

In this page, the encrypted file will be downloaded by giving security key and encrypted file.

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  1. kindly could you please share the source code and documentation of this project… its for a project and would really appreciate your help!. thnx.. 🙂

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