Latest CSE Seminar Topics 2012 on Network Planning and Design with Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topics on  Network Planning and Design:

Network technologies of computers are widely gaining popularity and it is becoming a challenging job to study in using this system. The mixture of communication protocols, applications, routing algorithms, traffic flows and link technologies together make a network system. Designing a network is a complicate task and it requires highly qualified and experienced designers to balance the capacities and costs of the user’s expectations.

In other word, network is a group of personal computers that are linked together and usually it includes two computers and sometimes even more than that. Although there are several kinds of networks but Wide-Area Networks (WANs) and Local-Area Networks (LANs) are the two most commonly used networks. Computers are connected together in a local area using the system of LAN while in case of WAN computers are connected through communication lines, telephones, radio waves and other means.

Using the properties of architecture, protocol and topology networks are classified. The geometric network arrangement is known as topology and bus, star and ring are common. On the other hand, protocol means a common set of signals and rules that are used to communicate. Usually, networks used Ethernet but IBM’s token ring protocol is also used by some networks. For office networking and home Ethernet is highly recommended.

There are two main kinds of network architecture that includes Peer-to-peer and client/server. In case of the peer-to-peer networking system the configuration requires no server utilization. Computers are connected with one another through work groups to share printers, files and internet access. This can be used for a dozen work group connections or less than that. Usually this is preferred for home configuration. In case of client/server network all the computers are logged on through NT Domain Controller. Mails, sharing of files, accessing printers are some of the common services provide by this network.

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