Laser Led Based Voice Communication System ECE Project Abstract

Introduction to Laser Led Based Voice Communication System Project:

In past radio frequency signals are the mere source of data transfer but due to improved technology in communication fields recent times created new dimensions in the field of wireless communication. Any electrical and electronic system is operated without the involvement of the wired connections (conductors) are termed as wireless,

In our project laser/led based voice communication system we discuss briefly about designing of the proposed circuit, and develop new ideas in this concerned field, we provide the detail study of the entire circuitry and different types of components used in this circuit.

The active medium in this process is the laser which is the main source for the transmission of the information the choice of laser should have the following properties like; I should be highly monochromatic and coherent.

 This paper describes about two major units one is transmitter unit and the second is receiver unit, the transmitter modulate the signal into optical signal with the help of lasers and transmits the signals through air, and in the receiver section a highly-sensitive receiver is employed for speech bandwidth modifications which decodes the optical information into required audio signal by the help of audio amplifier and photo transistor.

This photo transistor gains information from the light signals and feeds to the amplifier which amplifies the signal and passes to the speaker, the complete circuit description and its operation along with modified results are mentioned in this paper.

While considering the advantages this system is very improved in the areas like maintaining secrecy, high audio quality, privacy in communications is facilitated by using automatic sensor systems, this technique is adopted for interior or exterior communications over a wide range of distances.

The research on laser applications in the field of wireless communications paved path for the advancement in the free space optical communication to a great extent.

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