Role of Organizational Strategies in Improving Job Satisfaction of Employees

Aims and Objectives

Aim: To investigate the role of organizational strategies in improving the performance and job satisfaction of employees within AMT COFFEE LTD. 


Following are the research objectives

  1. To critically review the organizational strategies and the corresponding theories
  2. To evaluate the importance of organizational strategies against the employee performance and job satisfaction
  3. To investigate the role of managers in communicating strategies to their employees and enhance their performance. 

Dissertation outline

Introduction to the research and the problem definition with the research questions, aims and objective are given in the chapter below. 

Literature Review

A detailed review of strategic management and organizational strategies is presented in this chapter with reference to the employee performance and job satisfaction 

Research methodology

The actual methodology followed to gather the required primary information and secondary information along with the case study details and sampling methods is explained in this chapter 

Research findings

Once the required primary information is gathered in the form of semi structured interviews from different respondents involved across the research, the actual findings are given in this chapter. 

Research Analysis

Required research analysis is done based on the research findings and the analysis is given the form of answers to the research questions identified in the introduction chapter. 

Conclusion and Future work

Overall analysis and observations done at the research is given in the conclusion and the future scope to improve the research quality is also given in this chapter.

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