Corporate Governance in Indian Hospitals Project


The Corporate governance concept have recently been discussed in the managerial

Literature in regards to management practice in the Private, quasi and public sector enterprises. Health care industry ranked among the largest public and private sectors in India. This research compares and contrasts hospital governance in two plural health care systems – public and private hospitals in India.

Both segments have a history of economic and structural reforms that has resulted in changes of the health care sector and hospitals in particular.  Similitude and disparities in management ideology and practice are identified and a functional model that addresses four issues that are integral to effective governance of hospitals are discussed.

Objectives of Research:

  • Comparative overview of corporate governance in government and private hospitals of India.
  • Challenges in implementation of corporate governance.
  • To understand corporate governance strategies of corporate hospitals in India.
  • To help hospitals to have corporate governance which will help them in decision making, transparency in business transactions.
  • To understand the legal and statutory compliance’s in Indian hospital sector.


  • The Corporate governance study on corporate governance in Indian hospitals may fail in some contexts to serve its purpose as researcher merely depends on some statistical facts and the data given by the organizations. There are factors like illegal trading, misleading financial statements, costs of regulations and the conflicts with in the organization.
  • Research cannot by itself provide the solution or make the decision. The outcome of the research acknowledge admissible information to the management who can be able then to make sound and strategic decision makings.

Research Methodology:

Research Methodology is the plan or the strategy and a systematic process and approach towards  achieving the objective of the research. The methodology will have qualitative and quantitative data to carryout the data analysis and to calculate the accuracy if the responses. Descriptive study tends to be not flexible and its approach cannot be changed. The main focus in this research will be on quantifying the data.

Data sources:

The data will be collected in two types that is primary data and secondary data. The primary data is the data  collected from the representatives of government, public and private representatives through questionnaires.

The secondary data will be the data collected from the various resources like organizations policies, websites, journals etc. The major constraints will be there in both the data like in primary data the responses may vary based on many aspects and when it comes to secondary data the data given by organizations may not be accurate in all aspects and cases.

RESEARCH DESIGN: Survey method:

The questionnaire was administrated through direct contact with the respondents of all concerned and associated sample size will be confirmed after starting the research.


To analyze and interpret collected data the statistical tools like Chi Square test, ANOVA test, correlation and regression analysis etc will be carried out parallel to graphical representation.

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