Job Satisfaction of the Employees with Proper Implementation of Strategies

The management of the organization concentrates on designing of a strategy and its implementation in the organization to improve job satisfaction for the employees working in the organization. Job satisfaction plays a significant role in the performance of the employee. An employee becomes productive when he is having job satisfaction; even it is evident from many researchers that job satisfaction shows a lot of impact on the production and performance of the employees. So job satisfaction is focused in this section as it has much relation with the organization commitment and organization outcomes. If an employee is satisfied his/her performance is superior when compared to the performance of a less satisfied employee . The factors that influence employees’ job satisfaction are discussed as follows.

Dispositional Impacts

Employee’s disposition shows a significant impact on the job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is also related statistically to the childhood dispositions. Job satisfaction is different for different employees based on their variations in behaviors and dispositions. Research shows that disposition exactly influences the job satisfaction of the employees. This shows that  the job satisfaction of an employee can be disturbed because of his/her disposition. It is also discussed that the disposition first influences the psychological factors of the individual and then influences the job satisfaction. As an instance, the experience of the events that are emotionally important are influenced by disposition and that will disturb the job satisfaction. There are many studies that explain the relationships of job satisfaction to disposition.

Cultural Impacts

The culture of the employee also influences the job satisfaction of the employee. The attitude of the employee is based on their cultural background and childhood experiences as well as the milieu in which he/she grew up. The situations of globalization in the organization particularly the cross cultures that exist in an organization and the related employee issues will influence the employee job satisfaction and so this is considered as a challenging tasks for the human resource management. Few researchers have considered the four dimensions in the employees’ attitudes, namely “risk taking versus uncertainty avoidance”, “achievement orientation”, “individualism-collectivism” and “power distance”.

When these dimensions are considered according to country of provenance,  it is proved that United States is low on uncertainty avoidance and high in risk taking, low in power distance and high on individualism. In case of Mexico, it is high on power distance, high in collectivism and also high in uncertainty avoidance. These four dimensions can elaborate the variations in the employee attitudes that are based on the cross cultured situations that they face in the working and also shows how their job satisfaction is affected.  It is evident from the researches that employee attitude and the job satisfaction are influenced a lot by the country of origin and cross cultural aspects.

The level of employee is also considered when the effect of cross cultural aspects is considered. Employees are viewed in the humanistic and instrumental approaches that means in these approaches employees of various countries and cultures are viewed and their attitudes are observed in order to test their job satisfaction in certain situations. These all discussions will prove that the cultural variation in the organization and even the employees from different countries and their attitudes are observed by the human resource practitioners to analyses its influence on the performance of the employees and job satisfaction of the employees because of the reason that the progress of the organization is based on the employee performance.

Work Situation Influences

  Employee job satisfaction is also affected by the working conditions of the employee. General working situations play a major role in the employee performance, so organizations should ensure a good working environment to ensure employee job satisfaction. Various sides of the employees work are evaluated by the researchers in order to determine their influence on employee performance; they are pay, co-workers, opportunities, supervision, and promotion. In addition to these, it is observed that the  work situation is the major side that plays an important role.

In general an employee will work in the organization in the situations provided by the organization if the conditions are good he can work peacefully and if the working conditions are not so good then they feel some discomfort in working. So management of the organization needs to provide good working conditions for the employees. Employees must be assigned work based on their capability and interests because when they are provided with work that they like then they will show much commitment towards the work and this will increase both their job satisfaction and company performance.

The job satisfaction of the employee can be achieved by other means like good salaries, attractive bonuses and increment plans etc. The other factor that increases job satisfaction in employee is work flexibility. This means the employee likes to work, the working environment is comfortable,  flexible working hours  are available to satisfy personal commitments. Change in the working conditions make the employee fresh and  variety and so there will be a lot of scope for the increase in job satisfaction.

So management should focus on different factors that show impact on the job satisfaction of the employee and then provide them the required support from the organization. Management should also focus on designing strategies in such a way that they meet all the requirements of the employees and the organization. All the factors that influence employee job satisfaction should be considered while designing strategies.   These strategies must be implemented in a proper way with clear communication for employees. Communicating the strategies clearly will also increase job satisfaction.   As strategies are understood clearly employees can work better.

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