ITANIUM- The 64 bit Microprocessor CSE-ECE Technical Topic

Description: The research paper ITANIUM- The 64 bit Microprocessor CSE-ECE Technical Topic speaks about Itanium the 64 bit Microprocessor. It has been suggested in the research paper that Itanium’s 64-bit Itanium Processor Family (IPF) architecture, the basis of Intel’s future, high-performance microprocessor family a broad range of technical and commercial applications at 1.0GHz. The starting place for the team was a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of the .18um bulk technology transistors and interconnects with a view toward exploiting these capabilities to the fullest.  The Itanium processor began shipping in end-user pilot systems in late 2000. Intel intends to follow Itanium with additional processors in the Itanium family: McKinley, Madison and Deer field in late 2002.

 We are living in the age of information explosion and today there is a greater need of sharing data than never before. Hence the current 4 GB 32 chip microprocessor has to be replaced with something more enduring. Itanium microprocessor is just an answer to questions pertaining to storage. Itanium’s memory and storage gives it the advantageous position as it is having now. Beyond very large memory (VLM) support, however, other traits, including a new Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design philosophy that will handle parallel processing differently than previous architectures, speculation, predication, large register files, a register stack and advanced branch architecture.

 IA-64 also provides an enhanced system architecture supporting fast interrupt response and a flexible, large virtual address mode. The 64-bit addressing enabled by the Intel Itanium architecture will help overcome the scalability barriers and awkward, maintenance-intensive partitioning directory schemes of current directory services on 32-bit platforms. , Intel has been assiduous in providing backward compatibility with 32-bit binaries (IA-32), from the x86 families. 

 Conclusion: The research paper concludes proclaiming the virtues of IA-64. The microprocessor gives effective solutions to processor parallelism. If speed and quality are the only things that matter, IA-64 is the answer.

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