OOPS Through Java CSE Seminar

OOPS Through Java CSE Seminar: An object-oriented programming language such as Java includes many features that make it very different from any other standard languages. Java was designed to be cross-platform like C to compile binary form. In this PowerPoint, Java is compiled to an intermediate form which is called byte-code. A Java program cannot execute on the host machine. There is a special native program called the Java interpreter that reads the byte code and executes the corresponding native machine instructions. Hence to port Java programs to a new platform, an interpreter is needed to port some library routines.

OOPS programming language provides support for the following object-oriented concepts: Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance. Encapsulation is the mechanism that binds the code and data which manipulates and keeps safe from misuse and interference. Polymorphism has the ability to take many forms of an object. Inheritance is that in which one object acquired the properties of another object.

Java has many advantages like it is secured, it is robust in memory management, it deals with multi threading programming and GUI programming, web based (applets), handling runtime errors, and network based applications.

Java editions provide a platform for developing and deploying secure, portable applications that run on server which are J2SE, J2EE, and J2ME. This programming language also provides support for Objects, Classes, Instance, Variable, data types, methods, and constructors.


OOP is the technique to create programs based on the real world. Object-orientation is a set of tools and methods that allows software engineers to build user friendly, reliable, maintainable, well documented, reusable software computers that fulfills the requirements of its users. It is stated that object-orientation provides software developers with advanced tools to solve a wide variety of problems. Object-orientation provides the latest design of computation. This model programs are organized on objects and data. In OOP language the principal target is to find out the objects to manipulate and their relation between each other.

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