What is Java Security Simple Engineering Seminar

Description: The research paper What is Java Security Simple Engineering Seminar talks about Java Security. The research paper talks about the components of Java. The components comprise the development environment which has development lifecycle, Java language features class files and byte code the execution environment the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) interfaces and architectures e.g., Java beans, RMI, JDBC, etc.

It is suggested in the research paper that Java is a high-level programming language. The source code of the language is English-like (syntax is similar to C). Java is compiled and interpreted .Source code is compiled into byte code (low-level, platform independent code). Byte code is interpreted (real machine code produced at run time). Java has certain unique features it is fast and portable (“write once run anywhere”). There is in Java dynamic linking (no link phase at compile time). Java Program consists of class definitions. Each class is compiled into a separate class file. Classes may refer to each other; references are resolved at run-time.

Java Program is object-oriented, multi-threaded, strongly typed. Exception handling in Java is very similar to C/C++, but cleaner and simpler. It has no more structure and union. No more (stand alone) functions. No more multiple inheritances. No more operators overloading. No more pointers. Garbage collection objects in Java are no longer in use and are removed automatically from memory.

The class files in Java language contain magic number (0xCAFEBABE), JVM major and minor version. Constant pool contains, constants (e.g., strings) used by this class, names of classes, fields, and methods that are referred to by this class. It is used as a symbol table for linking purposes. Many bytecode instructions take as arguments numbers which are used as indexes into the constant pool. It has class information (e.g., name, super class, access flags, etc.), description of interfaces, fields, and methods, attributes (name of the source file) and bytecode.

Conclusion: The research presentation concludes by quoting ActiveX.

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