Internet Protocol (IP) Security Technical Presentation

Description: The research paper Internet Protocol (IP) Security Technical Presentation speaks about IP Security. IP means Internet Protocol. There is an all time rise in the matters shared and discussed over the internet. Security concerns have always occupied place aloft. When there is a huge sharing of data, there is a huge vulnerability associated too. The information that is passing through wires and many connected systems is highly vulnerable to third party access or attack. Information shared can be robbed for personal benefits and permanent damage to the company. Some information, confidential one, when leaked can irreversibly damage a company’ repute and functioning. The research paper suggests that security concerns have always occupied the researchers’ primary concern. A system should be made secure owing to the following reasons:

1.      Information should not be modified en route.

2.      Information passing through a network should not be accessible to unauthorized viewers.

3.      It should be encrypted as not to allow any deletion or addition.

About Internet Protocol:

Data integrity, authentication and confidentiality are the primary goals of security mechanism. Designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for the Internet Protocol, IPSec supports network-level authentication, data integrity, and encryption. IPSec integrates with the inherent security of the IP data gram to provide the ideal platform for safeguarding intranet and Internet communications. IP Security is deployed below the transport level, network managers (and software vendors) are spared the trouble and expense of trying to deploy and coordinate security one application at a time. The IPSec framework does not specify exactly which encryption algorithms must be used by its implementations. Instead, it provides an empty infrastructure where the desired algorithms may be set.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that IPSec is growing demand per se. But IPSec unleashes significant problems while working alongside other encryption devices.

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