Internet Security on Hacking Seminar

Description: The research paper Internet Security on Hacking Seminar talks about securing Internet against hacking. The research paper suggests that there has been an astronomical increase in activities, transactions, sharing of information and many more related things happening on Internet. Huge information is shared and released and it passes through highly secure nodes. The information that is shared through distributed computing via internet could be very very confidential. Such confidential information when leaked could make some irreparable business losses. The information shared should have both access control and complete security from any third party exploitation.

 This research paper suggests the security and privacy concerns based on the experiences as developers of E-commerce. E-commerce is a business middle-ware that accelerates the development of any business transaction-oriented application, from the smallest retailer to the distributor, to the consumer (user). These transactions may apply b between manufacturers and distributors or suppliers. Here, the user needs to be assured with the privacy of his/her information. In this article, we focus on possible attack scenarios in an e-Commerce system and provide preventive strategies, including security features that one can implement. The research paper suggests some personal security measures that can be undertaken by means of personal firewalls and honeypots.

 The research paper suggests that security mechanism of any e-transaction is not foolproof altogether, there’s always an iota of inherent vulnerability that might give chance to an intruder to peep and play foul. The paper suggests that authenticating, authorization, encryption and auditing are a few measures that would provide security to the information/data shared.

 Conclusion: The research paper concludes over a note that it is always essential to the users and people who indulge in e-transactions to fortify their transaction medium with some stringent and time tested security measures. It is very important to have a general idea of these things.

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