Internet Protocol Version 6 Presentation

Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 6 Presentation:

When we talk about IP means Internet Protocol we generally deal with the address space .The address space would be given for private and public use of private which technically termed as private address space and public address space .So there was reason to tackle this address space issue in more effective in economical manner.

When we speak effective it means it should work in any situation, this situation could be any technology that we use. The technology can be applied to any device. Thus the essential goal is to deal with address space; keeping this in mind Ipv6 was generated. 

Generally when we deal with Ip address we have a subnet .This subnet is used to mask the IP address so that it can deal with host address or network address, thus any kind of address is decided based on what is needed. 

Another primary reason for creating the IP is the population on earth, since Ipv4 cannot afford single IP address to this many people, Ipv6 solves this problem. 

Moreover there is no need to translated Ip address using address translation technology as was the case with Ipv4. 

There is importance of packet sending in Ipv6 also as was the case with Ipv4 because of the following reason: – – –

Transmission of a packet to multiple destinations in a single sends operation, this form the bases of specification in Ipv6. 

When we are going to deal with Ipv6 we would look at lot on size. This size can be in being in form of bits. Say subnet size of Ipv6 is generally seen to be 64 bits. 

The Internet world is changing constantly and thus reason for better address space addressing needed. Thus Ipv6 is special designed protocol that would deal with fast changing Internet World.

Download Internet Protocol Version 6 Presentation.  

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