Firewalls Internet Security

Description: The research paper Firewalls Internet Security talks about Firewalls and the way they provide internet security. The research paper casts light on the contemporary increase, a colossal rise in internet based transaction. A huge confidential information flows through the web and they are poopers hiding in every nook and corner with an evil intention to pounce over and grab all the valuable information that might help them create their business and paralyze permanently the business of others. The research paper suggests stringent authentication measures to safeguard valuable data and information in order to give the user both access control and security to the information that he/she shares.

¬†Firewalls is one commendable research outcome that gives personalized security solutions. A firewall is a hardware device or a software program running on the secure host computer that sits between the two entities and controls access between them. Here the two entities are nothing but a private network and the public network like Internet. The firewall can be a software firewall and the hardware firewall. The first computer firewall was a non-routing Unix host with connections to two different networks. One network card connected to the Internet and the other to the private LAN. To reach the Internet from the private network, you had to logon to the firewall (Unix) server. You then used the resources of the system to access the Internet. For example, you could use X-windows to run Netscape’s browser on the firewall system and have the display on your workstation. With the browser, running on the firewall it has access to both networks.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that the security levels over internet have become highly jeopardized. Now children of age 13 can hack PCs by contaminating the routes with potential viruses that can crash hundreds of PCs at a time. In a scenario like this firewalls offers good security measures.

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