Technical Seminar Presentation on Internet Usage and Security for CSE Final Year Students

 Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Internet Usage and Security:

The internet supports various applications including Gopher, Ftp, Usenet, Electronic mail and even Telnet. And there is a need for implementation of security for providing security to transactions, and also ensure for making e-mails as private.

Gopher provides the search of the documents which are distributed and also helps for the retrieval of the system. The applications include at college campus, non-profit organizations, for publications and for fun, provide step by step navigation. The different choices of the menu includes: Files, Directories and also Gateways. The additional features include Bookmarks and Veronica.

The FTP which is the File Transfer Program, the connection is established using the IP address. And the points to be noticed are the content of the file location; also the size and type of the file and FTP clients mostly do not accept the URL format. The FTP commands include: pwd, cd, cdup, dir, mdir, ls, mls, lcd .

When we consider the Usenet, it was developed at UNIX community. The tools which are used for reading the news include: Access to Internet host, FQDN and Newsreader. The different types of Newsreader includes Line mode reader- Eg: Read news and Full-screen reader- Eg: V news.

E-mail which stands for electronic mail, which are used for storing and forwarding of the service. The mailer- program is used for sending and receiving messages via the internet provider.

Telnet is a networking application which helps to login to the computer system on internet from the other system. The session is need of the valid user ID, with the help of internet the data exchange can be done fastly.

When we speak about internet the major issue arises is the security. We can access the information and also the resources from the remote computer connected. In case of the distributed systems, internet is compulsory.

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