Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police Micro Controller ECE Project Report

Introduction to Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police Micro Controller Project:

In now a days one of the serious and major problems faced by each individual is traffic jam. Traffic congestion is becoming a more and more critical problem day by day.  Main reasons for increasing traffic jam are high number of vehicles, the inadequate infrastructure and the irrational distribution of the development. Increase in population and the development of economy are the indirect reasons for the increase of traffic jam.

Due to Traffic jams the ambulances will take more time to reach hospitals, as a result due to lack of proper medical assistance the patient’s situation can become more worse or even results death.

As sometimes traffic will at least for 100 meters, in such situations controlling traffic manually may not be effective as the traffic inspector cannot hear siren from that long.  The current project focuses to resolve such issues by providing a mechanism which will detect the arrival of ambulance with emergency at junctions and control the signal so that the rout for ambulance will be cleared and hence the patient will get medical assistance in time.

As per this project every ambulance and traffic control system will be integrated with the required hardware and software. Whenever an ambulance with emergency struck up in traffic jam it will send a signal to traffic control system and traffic control system will process the request and provide required signal hence rout will be cleared.

If this project is implemented we can achieve well managed traffic system which will reduce the incidents of ambulances getting struck up in traffic.

Download  Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police Micro Controller ECE Project Report.

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