Faulty Material Identification Using PLC Electronics Project Abstract

This project aims at developing a fully automated industrial process. Automatic control plays a crucial role in designing advanced devices and even for running of devices in the industries. This project aims at designing automation system which monitors the working of the devices and gives an alarm in case of emergencies. In this paper we will see the working of the conveyer belt model design for carrying coal. The automation program systems are designed by crouzet PLC units.

Brief of working model:

In this we will design a conveyer belt automation system which carries coal and by using a sensor we will detect large coal particles and are removed. We use a crouzet cd12 PLC which is a compact controller and it uses a ladder program for automation. To run the conveyer belt we will use two DC motors and for ejecting the large coal particles we will use another dc motor. The sensor senses large coal particles and it passé the information to the PLC and it drives the ejecting device for removing the large coal particles.

To make the motors on and off based on the signal given from the PLC we use relays which can automatically turn on and off based on the signal pulse. L293D driver IC is used for transferring the signal sent from the plc to the motor. The entire design works a power supply of 24V.


These kinds of automation devices are very useful for designing advanced systems. This type automation system can reduce the usage of manpower in industries and it can easily monitor all the equipment in the industry. By using this kind of automation systems we can increase the accuracy and there are very negligible chances for errors to occur.

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