Steganography MS Project Abstract

 The modern computer networks that make us it possible to distribute all the documents quickly and absolutely economical. So complete adoption of entire concept is electronically distributed and copyrighted material is accompanied. That’s why people think about the different ways to protect their data and also prevent all the possible illegal issues.

Even there is a requirement to trace out the document that was distributed across the network. The new concept called Steganography is ability of hiding the complete information that is used as images without corrupting the actual images. 

The term that given above Steganography means the ability of hiding the information in all the way that was preventing the detection of hidden messages. Steganography that is resulting from Greek and now it literally means “Covered Writing”. If we keep go on search that it includes vast arrays of secret communications and its methods that conceal the message’s very existence. Stegnography hides the complete message that is why the messages here cannot be seen. When compare it with this message in cipher text, is for instance, it might stimulate doubt on the part of the receiver.

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