The Automatic Sensor Bridge ECE Project

The common method of the study is from the lift bridge/the Vaskel Bridge at the khidirpore dock, Kolkata-43. The aim of “The automatic sensor bridge” is to display the upliftment of the bridge without manual process and through the assistance of infrared sensors function on the pulley, relay, and motor for the bridge motion on getting signal from the device is reduced over an obstacle on its method.

The The Automatic Sensor Bridge ECE Project, automatic sensor bridge is the another method to display the electro-hydraulic bridge operation which make use of manual power motor/hydraulic lever and the hydraulic rule of Pascal for upliftment and resulting electronic automation by sensors.

The two divisions of the bridge which concludes the complete bridge maintained under the middle that is connected with two infrared receivers under opposite way from the bridge. The infrared transmitters are linked and it is parallel to receivers that conclude the sensor method through constant receiving and transferring of infrared waves.

 The A.C Filter circuit includes step down converter to transform great voltage from a.c to low voltage a.c, five filter capacitors, and two diodes that functions like the rectifier circuit and transforms the a.c current to pulsating d.c current.


The Automatic Sensor Bridge ECE Project is concluded that the relay circuit includes some two n-p-n transistors, resistors, two zener diodes, two filter capacitors, and two regulated of I.C to make the circuit. The two relays are connected with two infrared wave receivers that work to modify the voltage way on reducing the receiving wave. Sensor circuit includes two infrared led converters that positioned opposite to each other. The two infrared receivers are suitable for constant transmission and get the IR waves.

Download The Automatic Sensor Bridge ECE Final Year Project.

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