Automatic Railway Gate Control ECE Project Abstract

Traffic is one of the major problems now a days. In the same way the crossing of railway gates is also a tedious job for normal people. They have to wait for a long time even before and after arrival and departure of the trains.

In rapidly flourishing country like India, accidents in the unmanned level crossings are increasing day by day. At present, in level crossings the railway gate is operated normally by a gate keeper after receiving the information about the train’s arrival.

Instead of waiting such a long time at the railway gates and to avoid accidents in level crossings a project is proposed that controls the gate automatically with out involvement of the railway level crossing gate keeper. It can also implemented in unmanned level crossings at remote areas.

The Automatic Railway Gate Control application part deals with the design the power supply section which converts 230V AC into 5V DC by using 7805 voltage regulator and selection of AT89S52 Controller for inbuilt ISP option.

The train arrival and departure  would sensed by 2 sensors. When ever the first sensor senses the train is near by means it sends a signal to preprogrammed micro controller which the railway gate is controlled by means of a dc motor.

Then the gate closes and opens when the second sensor senses the train departure. The Automatic Railway Gate Control Abstract deals in detail the circuit description along with the component description, required Software and Coding.

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