Accident Alert with Automatic Dialer ECE Project

The project titled “Accident Alert with Automatic Dialer ECE Projecthas designed an accident alert system that can scrutinizes automotives/ vehicles.The generations of cars that are developed in the market have been creatively designed so as to reduce the risk of accidents. Ideas such as alarm systems and control devices have been formulated which have increased the safety factor.

accident-alert-with-automatic-dialer-ece-projectVehicles which are very big face problems sometimes as there are spots from the driver’s seat which cannot be seen. Also, conditions like fog disable the visibility rate which is also an accident causing factor.  This project not only prevents accidents but also informs the emergency if at all accidents are caused.

The project Accident alert with automatic dialler makes use of glass breakage sensor that detects glass breakages. A smoke detector in the vehicle shows the presence of smoke caused by fire in the vehicle. Both the sensors transmit a signal to the microcontroller. To the microcontroller, a DTMF chip is attached and onto this a telephone unit is interfaced. Through this mechanism accident alert is transmitted.

At times, one of the lights of a four wheeler might not be working due to some problem. This makes four wheeler look like a two wheeler. This factor causes accidents. Hence to avoid such problems, a proximity detector is incorporated in the circuit which alerts the driver about vehicles passing in its close range.


This project can be best applied in vehicles especially those which travel long distances and highways. By applying high technology, add-on features could be added. The most important advantage that the project offers is sophisticated security that takes care of potential hazards and threats. The driver could be alerted by means of an alarm that would aid him to act quickly in case of a problem.

Download Accident Alert with Automatic Dialer ECE Final Year Student Project.

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