ECE Mini Project Report on IR Music Transmitter and Receiver

Introduction to IR Music Transmitter and Receiver Project:

With the eight octaves music creating infinite notes and it is really amazing and pleasing thing. Music is something unique and universal. In our daily life music become our part of life. Every day we enjoy the music at any time that may at home, occasion, parties or at office while working also. While working when we feel tiered and if we listens music it gives much relief than any other and makes us refresh to continue the day with very energetic. We find many music lovers in our day to day life, even the animals respond to the music who said to them.

Listening music is one of the arts and from clapping to slapping every well sense sound can be treated as music. To listen music we need to transfer the music and to catch it we need to receive it. Our project is to develop music transmitter and receiver with infrared rays (IR) system which generates audio musical notes and one can heard upto a distance of 10 meters.

Through infrared rays the generated melody is transmitted and is reproduce without any noise or disturbance to the remote place.

Generator, amplifier, transmitter and receiver are the parts using in this project. Generator consists of an IC UM66 which continuously generates melody music notes in the transmitter section. The generated music notes from the generator is fed to the amplifier to remove the unwanted signals and amplified music bits are sent by transmitter through IR driver as infrared beam can heard up to 10 meters distance. In this project the volume of the music can be varied that is increased or decreased by using a potentio meter. This project of IR music transmitter and receiver is well designed and effectively worked. Music lovers will enjoy this application very much.

Download  ECE Mini Project Report on IR Music Transmitter and Receiver.

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