Issues in Bandwidth Pricing using Software Agents IIT CSE Project Report

The process of communicating the service or value of a product to customers is called marketing. Marketing can also defined as the art of products selling, but it is only some fraction of marketing.Marketing satisfies the needs required by the society through exchange processes and build long term relationships.

An organizational function Marketing can be looked at as and set of process for creating, communicating worth to the customers and delivering and maintaining customer relationship in the ways that benefit the organization, company and its shareholders. Marketing is target oriented through analysis of market and market segmentation. As well as behavior of consumer buying understanding and providing good customer value

Internet is now main source to marketing and advertising industries. Internet is extraordinary tool for marketing as well as main source of information which is the cheapest means that is able to reach the customer. In this twenty first century, internet is become a big source for collecting information and converting the data into beneficiary results at a rapid rate for many individuals, firms and companies. From households and small scale industries to foreign markets online trading or marketing is the dynamic way to reach the high volume of customers or people.

In this online marketing pricing is main concept which gives profits to the organization. If the pricing software gives error then it will be a great loss to the organization. In this project we are going to deal with the issues creating in bandwidth pricing using software agents.

Bandwidth is item of interest and by adaptive method trading is done, Shop bots and price bots are software agents. For demand and supply fluctuations marketing is highly sensitive. In this project a mathematical model is developed for marketing analysis and the two different strategies of pricing effect studied simultaneously through variety of market methods.

Download  Issues in Bandwidth Pricing using Software Agents IIT CSE Project Report.

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