Mobile robots perform various ways of tasks to serve humans such as home robot, inspection robot, security robot, school education robot, rehabilitation robot, and so on. The conventional mobile robots have used front-steering and rear- wheel driving mechanism to response all needed robot obvious motions, but the motion restriction is a major problem in the use of such mechanism. The omni directional configuration is a most suggested mechanism for mobile robot, which to have the capability of changing directions within the limited space in the indoor environment. 

             The ODMR (Omni directional mobile robot) uses IR sensor to sense the obstacle and send the obstacle distance signal to embedded controller. The embedded controller receives these obstacle detecting signals and then calculates the control signals to drive the motors to change the direction for the robot. ZigBee interface is also provided on the robot to give some control signals from the Personal computer attached with ZigBee enabled circuit. Using this ZigBee interface we can control the direction, speed for the robot. 

   In our proposed Implementation Of Obstacle Avoidance And Zigbee Control Functions For Omni Directional Mobile Robot  we are using ARM based microcontroller to control the IR sensor and robot Motors.Robot can move in any direction. But when any obstacle comes in front of the robot , IR sensor sense that obstacle and send appropriate signal to the microcontroller. Once the microcontroller receives IR signal then it itself having programe to give necessary control instructions to motor or it will send that IR detection signals to personal computer  using  wireless link of zigbee.PC having programe that  will provide  appropriate control signals to microcontroller using  Zigbee wireless link.After receiving this signal at microcontroller,it direct that signal to the motor. 

APPLICATIONS OF THE PROJECT: we can use these pc based robots in industries where it is impossible to the human beings.

ADVANTAGES OF THE PROJECT: Low cost, wireless and PC controlling.


  • PC
  • XBEE
  • MOTOR1
  • MOTOR2
  • IR Rx
  • IR Tx

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