Book Picking Library Robot

  • Title:Book Picking Library Robot”
  • Team Size: 4 Members
  • Technology used: C language

Project Description:

Final Year Engineering Project on “Book Pick & Place Robot” in library application in “C” language. This also Library Related Project, It works like a selection of a book from any particular location and keep any book in perfect location. To run this robot we use robotic arms and stepper motor, by which it does rotate in 90˚, 180˚ & 270˚. It is an electrical motor that can full rotate into a large number of steps.  C Programming language used in this project because of simplicity, modularity and structured language, so that easy to understand.

15 Replies to “Book Picking Library Robot”

  1. please send me the pick and place robots using zigbee and RFID technologies documentation along with schematic diagram.

  2. please send me source code circuit diagram and full documentation as soon possible.please please please i want to make it….

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