PC controlled Robot using ZigBee network projects main idea is to develop a robot application which can control through remotely using a ZigBee network. This network is one of the widely used open source wireless network available in the market. This can be used for developing projects.

To control the direction of the robot we are using Xbee modules one as transmitter and the other as receiver. The transmitter is fixed to PC and the receiver is fixed to the robot on the other end. We send signals from PC through the Xbee (transmitter) to the receiver which is in built to the robot.

We can use this process to visually control the robot direction even though we are far away by connecting a camera in front of the robot.


  • ISP Programmer
  • Embedded C Programming
  • RF Communications 


  • Microcontroller
  • LCD display,
  • XBEE(TX/RX).
  • Dc motors

download PC Controlled Robot Using Zigbee Network project.