Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF Technology ECE Project Report

Introduction to Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF Technology Project:

In our project Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF, we implement a smart logic and control system based on embedded systems using a micro controller, here the DTMF robot machine is controlled by the mobile signals, in which we make a call to the mobile phone which is inter connected to the DTMF robot operated at auto answer mode, based up on the instructions given by our cell phone the robot operation depends our mobile acts as an remote control for the robot.

DTMF stands for dual tone multiple frequency based on this the robot movements are controlled. In this project we use two small dc motors or stepper motors or servo motors to drive the robot, one for the back wheel and the other for the front wheel based on h-bridge concept, the mobile device is interfaced with the intellectual device called micro controller this micro controller controls the movements of the robot by decoding the tones received from the DTMF, and performs the pre defined tasks appropriate for that condition.

The major components of this project are the DTMF control drives, 89C52 micro controller, and GSM modem with mobile, mechanical robot system operated at continuous regulated linear mode supply. Conventional radio frequency robot control techniques had disadvantages like, limited working range, and limited frequency and bandwidth ranges, and with less operational control.

In this project using mobile phone for robotic control had wide working ranges with high control, less interference with intense accessibility. These DTMF mechanical systems find applications in military security actions like spy robot for bomb detection, in industrial security, controlling house hold appliances, for long distance remote sensing systems.

Up to now we discussed about the supervising strategies for the sensing the adverse effects, if we implement a Wireless CMOS Camera interface with the robot we can obtain the pictorial information also.

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