Mini Project Report on Dtmf Based Mobile Phone Controlled Robot

Introduction to Mini Project on Dtmf Based Mobile Phone Controlled Robot:

We use embedded systems in our daily, we are dependent on them. They provide us digital information’s. Almost all the processors that are developed are based on the embedded systems. They are multipurpose systems designed for the systems like computers, electronic devices.

Every embedded system is based on the microprocessor. It has ROM is used to store the software of the microprocessor. Or we can say that embedded system is a system in which we directly process our code in to the hardware and the software used is just for support and to provide flexibility.

An embedded system contains many memory chips which are used to load the software. In these systems contains three parts hardware, operating systems and application software example PC. 

They are used in the control systems. Also used in the robotics, embedded PCs, signal processing, network equipment’s etc. there are four types of embedded systems used like stand alone for microwaves, digital cameras etc., real time for missiles or DVD players etc. , network based for webcam etc. and mobile devices.

Microcontroller:it is a device that is implemented in the microprocessor that is used to control the functions of the processors. They don’t calculate results but they control the different part of the microprocessors. It also provides delay to some parts for proper functioning of the systems.

They have series of registers that are used to store information and interrupts that are used to provide delays.

They also have data memory like ROM and RAM. They have special type registers like timer registers, dual data registers and interrupt registers. They use only +5v of the power supply for their working. They are used for controlling and monitoring the systems. They use less power and give high performance.

Download  Mini Project Report on Dtmf Based Mobile Phone Controlled Robot.

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