Bridge Follower Robot Embedded Project

Aim: To build a BRIDGE FOLLOWER ROBOT System that can track a pre laid path.

Description:The system comprises of the following hardware:  AT89C51 micro controller is used in this project which is main heart of the project. Micro controller used in the project is 8 bit micro controller which was manufactured by ATMEL. C language is used for programming inside micro controller. Two sensors are used for sensing which are placed on opposite sides of the system. Steppers motors are used for movement of the robot when motor movies forward system will move backward. A differential is usually employed in cars, jeeps, trucks and buses. The differential is usually found compiled to the rear wheels. 

Principle of differential:

 when making a turn the wheel that lies in the direction of turn moves less compared to the outer wheel.

Since Robotic Platform is equipped with two motors for the drive, controlling the motors, i.e. when making a right turn, the right wheel can be stopped i.e. power to the stepper motor is switched off.

The tape detector circuitry consists of two IR integrated detection. The detector houses the emitter as well as detector. The detectors are positioned accurately either side of the tape.  They are placed such that they are just out of the tape.

  • AT 89C 51 micro controller
  • IR Sensors
  • AT 24C08 EEPROM
  • 74LS20 NAND Gate
  • Allegro 5804 Stepper Motor Drives – 2 nos.
  • Unipolar 7.5 stepper motors
  • Battery
  • Switches for increasing and decreasing speed.
Skill Set:
  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming

download Bridge Follower Robot Embedded Project

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