Implementation of Mobile Phone Project

In this Implementation of Mobile Phone Project, there is a design codes for GSM for attending the call, for making the call, for accessing the phone book, and for sending the SMS. The code is designed in C language for mentioned three applications and KEIL software converts these ‘C’ codes in hex file. After conversion, the hex code is burnt in 8051 microcontroller kit by using FLASH MAGIC software and by using GSM modem these operations are.

The equipments used in this project are a PC, 8051 microcontroller kit, GSM modem kit, and a SIM card (Suscribers Identification Module) and software used are KEIL software for converting the ‘C’ code in hex code and FLASH MAGIC for burning this hex code in 8051 microcontroller.

8051 microcontroller provides many functions in a single package. It can access 8 bits of data in one operation and can access 216 memory locations each of RAM and ROM. It is two 16-bit Counter/timers, two-level interrupt priority, and a power saving mode.

The microcontroller is 8-bit ALU, Accumulator and 8-bit Registers and hence it is an 8-bit microcontroller. It has 8-bit data bus and can access 8 bits of data in one operation. It has 16-bit address bus. On-chip RAM, there are 128 bytes (data memory) and On-chip, there are ROM – 4 kByte (program memory). It is a four byte bi-directional input/output port and UART (serial port).

This project shows the execution of KEIL software and FLASH MAGIC.  The KEIL software converts the code of ‘C’ into hex file and hex file is created and ultimately the program is tested by a debugger.


This project designed a code in ‘C’ and with KEIL software and flash magic software the hex file is saved in the flash memory of 8051 microcontroller. There is no use of personnel computer to operate the GSM kit and all operations are done only by the GSM kit itself.

Download Implementation of Mobile Phone Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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