Traffic Light Implementation Project

Traffic Light Implementation Project Description:

Traffic Light Implementation projects the main objective is to implement a software for controlling traffic by using lighting system which is controlled automatically based on the time set in the software.

This application can be implemented in many programming languages.

Using this software automatically on and off operations are performed based on the timing we set in the software. Green, Red, and orange are lights which are used for traffic controller. 

By developing this project students can come across different concepts that are using in C++ and understand object-oriented programming benefits.

download Traffic Light Implementation project Code.


28 Replies to “Traffic Light Implementation Project”

  1. Hi,
    I am not clear on how to execute the project.
    Can I execute this C++ project in turbo C environment?
    Can someone guide me?


      1. hai karthick we the students of 1st year cse dep from kerala . we are doing a micro project on traffic light implementation , we request your help for doing it . can u please send us the code in python for this project. we are kindly waiting for replay and needful

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