Online Mobile Phone Shop Project Report with Database Design

The Online mobile phone shop is meant for the mobile shopping that includes the purchasing and the selling of the mobile on internet. The mobile business has lot of scope and enhancing day by day. The internet business of the mobile has been the great future due to globalization.

The online portal of the mobile shopping which will be available on Google search definitely seeks the huge customer range all over the world.

The project is internet based due to the vast demand of the internet. The world is now a global village due to the internet.  Now a day’s people prefer to buy goods on the internet by browsing the websites of businesses and not visiting the market to buy goods.

The online shop owner revenue will definitely be enhanced due to the great demand of the online shopping and made the person be happy of having great technical business idea.

The communication also got cheaper and economical to get into the network of the optical fiber that uses in the broadband connections to browse internet.

The web network gets richer and gives the vast difference of the thoughts, look web logs and the blogs that makes it the online record. The data retrieval is easy and by the help of internet one can get the information in a second.

The user and the service provider as well can get the information. The computer is required to get the information.

The Proposed System

The proposed system will consist of the registration module for the user. The registered user gets the accessibility and to purchase and buy the mobile.

The fixed charge on each mobile that has been charged by the company as commission which is charged after the product sold. The information of the user will keep hidden to avoid any disputes.

The system consists of the modules.

  1. Login
  2. Registration
  3. Product Search
  4. Shopping Cart System
  5. Order Master
  6. Payment Master
  7. Sell & Purchasing System 

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