Mobile Based LAN Monitoring Project

Mobile Based LAN Monitoring projects main aim is to implement a wireless application through which entire LAN network can be monitored with a simple wireless handheld network which works from anywhere irrespective of distance. Say, you have a LAN setup at your office. 

Sitting at home you want to learn the LAN status.

Administrator can send the Control Commands like Start process, Kill process from his/her Cell Phone to Control the entire LAN and receive all the notifications from LAN.

Features Controlled From Cell Phone:-

  •  Process List: Get the list of all the processes running on the remote machine.
  • Activate Process: Activate different processes in either the server machine or any of the client’s.
  • Kill Process: Kill the desired processes on either the server or clients.
  • Read: You can read the drives, folders, files of any of the client machines/ the server machine from the cell.
  • Open-File: A small text file residing in any of the client or the server machine can be opened on your cell phone.
  • Shut Down the client machines from mobile
  • Role Performed:- Analyst, Programmer, Tester

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This Mobile Based LAN Monitoring Project developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

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