Channel RF Based Remote Control

Aim:The main aim of CHANNEL RF BASED REMOTE CONTROL project is to control RF based robot-using remote.

Description:AT89S52 transmitter is used in this project which works at 418MHZ frequency, at this frequency battery life can be increased.The receiver constituted by RF receiver module RLP434A at 418 MHz, the micro controller AT89S52 and the two relays with can handle any electric device up to 10Amps Power on the receiver and press S1 key to transmitter. You will see that relay on PB0 of receiver will arm. If you press one more times the same key, the relay will disarms. If you press S2 key from transmitter you will see that relay on PB1 of receiver will arm.Each key works for only one relay. Whenever the same is pressed the relay will show disarm.

Hard ware:

  • Tlp434a
  • Rlp434
  • AT89S52
  • Relay
  • remote 

Soft ware:

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
  • CVAVR cross compiler.

download Channel RF Based Remote Control project information.

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