Industrial Automation System Using RF

Industrial Automation System Using RF projects main idea is to provide a wireless solution for industries to maintain their system. Radio frequency is used as wireless platform, which works only for a shorter distance. TLP434A is the RF transmitter used in this application. It works at the frequency of 433.92MHZ. . This is one of the smallest wireless transmitters used for remote control projects. This unit takes  2 to 12 v with 5v range of up to 200m. 12V battery is used for antenna. 

Suitable for data rates of up to 4.8 KHz and the typical operating current is only 4.5mA. For example, firefighters and rescuers entering a building can use a heads-up display to track their location and monitor safe exit routes. The data that we sent will be in the form of pre defined commands they help us in controlling the home appliances using RF communication.

download  Industrial Automation System Using RF project information.

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