Image Processing – Pattern Matching Technical Document

Description: The research paper Image Processing – Pattern Matching Technical Document speaks about Image Processing and Pattern Matching. The research paper suggests that in this burgeoning world of data sharing via electronic media there is a poignant need for detecting images and video streams on a large scale, with reference to National and Personal security. All this needs to be done without the intervention of human eye. A lot of research has been done in the field and still needs to be going on. Image Processing over IP Network is the latest patent-pending technology that holds a quite promising future. IPoIP provides secure solutions to extract useful information/data from a colossal data base. It can extract data from the images simultaneously from different sources. All this is done at a very considerable time and not compromising both quality and security. IPoIP also gives the image architecture and compares it with the standards of IPoIP.

Image Processing:

A lot of research has been done to seek information/data from the images simultaneously. Many platforms have been constructed to that effect. Algorithms exist for both online and offline applications. The platform range extends form pure hardware to pure software. These platforms as of now are capable of dealing with smaller images. As of now there are two main architectures: Local processing and Server processing.

IPoIP Architecture: The IPoIP architecture was built considering cost effectiveness. This would help in processing images captured by a large number of cameras without sacrificing detection probability. The IPoIP architecture helps image processing even in not so favorable circumstances. It also helps the user to work over various architectures without restricting himself to one.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes quoting the benefits of IPoIP architecture. This helps in providing solutions over a large scale. Bigger organizations can be divided into smaller departments.

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