Robotics Engineering Seminar Download

Robotics Engineering Seminar Download: Robotics is the technology and science of robots, their manufacture, design, and application. Robotics must have a working knowledge of mechanics, electronics, and software. 

The person working and designing in the field is a roboticist. The robot is structured mechanically which is called a kinematic chain. It functions analogously like a human skeleton. This chain contains actuators (its muscles), links (its bones) and joints.

Autism is a permeate developmental disorder which is characterized by and communicative and social impairments. Social robots respond and recognize to human social humor with particular behaviors. 

The technology utilized in the construction of social robots can be a unique tool in the field of autism. This report discusses how social robots made an impact in the field of diagnoses, treatment, and understanding of autism.

The social disability of autism is a profound way affecting a human’s capacity for feeling and understanding other people and to establish reciprocal relationships. Today, this tool remains a specified disorder.  There is no genetic screening, no blood test, and no functional imaging test for diagnosing of autism.

Robots need motivation and engagement in therapy. Many studies have demonstrated that robots form a high degree of engagement and motivation in tasks to interact socially with human therapists. Only three facial expressions are obtained from the Playtest device and the ESRA robot.

The fine-grained analyses of social capabilities resulted from work on diagnostic and therapeutic applications. They have the capability to enhance our understanding of autistic disorders.


Expressing effect and recognizing are the important part of social participation. Their social cues are growing up to comprehend social nuances in social behavior or communication or to blend during the everyday interaction. This research represents an approach for the teacher to understand emotional expressions, guides recognition to teach emotion recognition to autistic children with a heterogeneous disorder. It is designed to offload few more tedious part of the work.

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