DNA Computer Technical Paper

Description: The research paper DNA Computer Technical Paper talks about the Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) and its multiple combinational techniques to store and secure information in computers. The Research paper unveils the potential of DNA to store necessary information in oodles and safely transmit it to the next generation without any lost of Information. This unique ability of DNA- i.e. to combine to form a particular code and then safeguard colossal information and the way information is transmitted to the subsequent generations without any discrepancy has been identified by the Scientist Adleman in the University of South California.

Storage of information in traditional computers is done by the binary systems that is 0’s and 1’s in the DNA Computation, processing and storage of information is done via the four nucleic acids- adenine, guanine, cytosine and thiamine- instead of traditional zeroes and ones. Such a thing increases the scope of storage and processing by more than double. This advantage has attracted the pioneering research scientists to take up the idea to a further level. DNA Computers haven’t hit the market yet. The relatively new concept that was first voiced in the year 1994 still needs time to rise from the incipient stage.

The breakthrough was first achieved in a lab when Adleman first mixed strands of DNA and specific nucleic acid combinations representing seven cities in order to achieve solution for the famous ‘Hamilton Pathway Problem’. The problem was to find the shortest route possible to travel through seven cities without repeating the same route even once. To this effect Hamilton combined DNA strands considering them the routes. In a short time many recombinations were produced and Adleman removed the unnecessary ones leaving the ones in which there was no repetition of sequences.

Conclusion: Although the domain of DNA Computing is in its incipient stage and is still working on an old algorithm, sophisticated techniques are being incessantly to allow the domain set new heights of popularity

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