DNS Domain Name System Technical Paper

Description: The research paper DNS Domain Name System Technical Paper talks about Domain name systems. It suggests that it is not possible to have an email id indicating the IP address it would create a problem when the person moves his/her office. In a scenario like this email ids have to keep changing. In order to avoid huge confusion such a thing might rope in the Domain name system has come into existence.

The essence of DNS is the invention of a hierarchical, domain-based naming scheme and a distributed database system for implementing this naming scheme. It is primarily used for mapping host names and e-mail destinations to IP addresses but can also be used for other purposes. DNS is defined in RFCs 1034 and 1035.

What is Domain Name System: The research paper suggested that the Domain Name System (DNS) is a set of protocols and services on a TCP/IP network that allows users of the network to utilize hierarchical user-friendly names when looking for other hosts (that is, computers) instead of having to remember and use their IP addresses. This system is used extensively on the Internet and in many private enterprises today. If you’ve used a Web browser, Telnet application, FTP utility, or other similar TCP/IP utilities on the Internet, then you have probably used a DNS server.

The research paper mentions that the DNS protocol’s best-known function is mapping user-friendly names to IP addresses. For example, suppose the FTP site at Microsoft had an IP address of Most people would reach this computer by specifying FTP.microsoft.com and not the less “friendly” IP address. Besides being easier to remember, the name is more dependable. The numeric address could change for any number of reasons, but the name can always be used.

Conclusion: The Domain name system has helped users have a user friendly email id because remembering the Internet Protocol Address could generate colossal confusion.

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