Food Waste Disposal Machine ECE Project Report

This paper presents a new concept in food waste management; due to lack of awareness among people resulting disasters management of wastes so in this paper we addressed the adverse effects caused due to improper management of   material wastes, in order to minimize the socio-economical conditions, environmental effects, human health hazards.

These unused, unwanted human garbage’s/junks are to be properly managed in order to reduce the negative impacts on environment and society, to generate minimum amount of wastages, and to achieve practical benefits.

They are two types of wastes, degradable and non degradable wastes, the degradable wastes comes under plants, livings organisms etc, where as the non degradable comes under the artificial wastes like plastics which cannot be decomposed.

The sources of these wastes are mainly domestic wastes, commercial wastes, animal wastes, electronic wastes, industrial wastes, hazardous nuclear wastes, and bio medical wastes.

These wastes are to be disposed properly or recycled, we a better recycling phenomenon in this project by implementing food waste disposal machine which the re uses these wastes in the form of fertilizers, by grinding the unused food materials and make it dry and feed to the plants in the form of fertilizers.

This project mainly consists of a relay, limit switch, IR sensor, induction and dc motors including transmitter and receiver sections operates at 12v dc supply, the input of this system is connected to any waste dumping systems like dish wash tubs,  and other garbage disposal, sewage disposal units, depending on the conditions of operation, these wastes are taken into the disposal system by means of an conveyor belt  and after processing the  recycled waste is feed to the plants,  the overall intent of this project is to provide the basic awareness in the minds of people  about the utilization of wastage’s for useful purposes, by separating these wastes at the source level itself.  

Download  Food Waste Disposal Machine ECE Project Report.

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