Human Heat Radiation Based Home Security System

Human heat radiation based home security system project explains about home security system.

In  this world of knowledge everything around us is run by Computing Systems. The technical Brilliance and Developments in different fields has led to a drastic change in our lives especially in the communications field. Due to various changes in technologies many systems have come up with breathtaking developments. 

One amongest them is the Embedded Systems.  It is the evolution or further development of computing system.  Its applications provide tremendous opportunities for creative use of computer technology.  Almost every new system introduced in the market is an example of Embedded System.

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Working procedure : 

  • When a intruder is detected PIR sensor output increases which in turn is filtered to make sure that the increased output voltage is due to the human intruder.
  • This signal is amplified and converted to TTL logic 0-5v
  • Amplifier output is connected to the microcontroller, controller detects the transition from 0-5v as the presence of the intruder then it notes the current date time from RTC.
  • Controller stores this time stamp in to EEPROM for future records.
  • Controller then activates the outside lights along with the siren (PWM driven from controller) 
  • System provides the provision to activate DAY-NIGHT MODE , when this logic is activated system gets automatically deactivated during the day time and activates during night.
  • System can also work on TIME MODE  where the the user can specify when the system should get activate like only after 11:00PM and deactivate at 6:00 AM this time can be set using RS232 connection with the computer.

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