ECE Project Abstract on GPS Enabled Human Tracing Robot

The aim of the project ECE Project Abstract on GPS Enabled Human Tracing Robot is to point the location of humans via a robot supported by RF communication. Once human presence is detected, the robot communicates the latitude and longitude coordinates to the output LCD through XBEE.

A robot is basically a machine which is modeled to perform a set of tasks repeatedly. Robots are substituted for humans in situations where complex tasks have to be performed like at bomb blast, earthquake tasks and nuclear reactor sites.

ece-project-abstract-on-gps-enabled-human-tracing-robotThis project is mostly implemented in military and security applications. The project is used to traverse around disaster areas and transmit the status to the other side. The 2nd part comprises of a static section and a controller.

For human detection, pyro electric sensor is used. Finally the output is displayed with the help of GPS and XBEE technologies.

In this project ECE Project Abstract on GPS Enabled Human Tracing Robot, robotic movements are executed using RF wireless at the transmitter end and through RF sent to the receiver end.

The LCD at the transmitter end will display information if any obstacle is encountered at the transmitter end. While robotic actions continue to transpire, any human presence will be observed by the human tracking sensor which will activate GPS and exact location will be pin-pointed and transmitted through XBEE.

The microcontroller used here is 8051 core microcontroller which is the main part. Liquid crystal display is the main display unit. IR proximity is used to intimate to the owner about obstacles.

Reference Material:

Tracking robot using GPS Enabled Human Design


The concept of a robot can be further expanded and applied as a gas leak detector and security systems as well as military applications for spying purposes. As this project is a microcontroller based project its main shortcoming is the size of the ROM used for programming. Also RF technology cannot be further extended than its limits.

Download GPS Enabled Human Tracing Robot ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document.

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