Grid Computing and Internet Btech Cse PPT

Description: The research paper Grid Computing and Internet Btech Cse PPT speaks about Grid Computing and how it redefines the world of internet technology. The research paper suggests that grid computing is now the buzz word in the technological domain and has to certain extent replaced the concept of ‘distributed computing’. Grid computing primarily focuses on enhancing compute performance, distributing valuable and important information along the network, sharing innovative applications and high performance orientation. The research paper primarily focuses on the data sharing among various virtual organizations and data sharing. In an environment like this there are inherent problems like resource authentication, authorization, resource access, resource discovery and many more.

The research paper also casts light on extensible and open grid architecture in which programming, protocols, services, software development kits and interfaces and others have been categorized and explained in detail.

Advantages of grid over power-grid:

  • “On-demand” access to ubiquitous distributed computing
  • Transparent access to multiple byte distributed data bases
  • Easy to plug resources into
  • Complexity of the infrastructure is hidden

The research paper identifies certain problems pertaining to grid computing. They are identified as coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations. Current distributed computing technologies do not address the concerns and requirements just listed. For example, current Internet technologies address communication and information exchange among computers but do not provide integrated approaches to the coordinated use of resources at multiple sites for computation. Business-to-business exchanges focus on information sharing (often via centralized servers).

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that the domain of computer science engineering has always been evolving and researching in order to come up with breakthrough researches that would aid in enhanced, reined and high-speed functionality in an utmost secure medium. Grid computing offers exactly such a thing. Grid computing aids is heightened and secure resource sharing alongside interoperability.

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