Grid Computing What it is CSE 2012 Project Seminar

Description: The research paper Grid Computing What it is CSE 2012 Project Seminar talks about Grid Computing and how it is done. The research paper suggests that it is human nature that evolves almost from second to second with an urge to perform better. Such a thing is happening in computer- Internet applications. Grid is an application that allows internet with advanced features like advanced web for computing, communicating and collaborating. Grid computing, most simply stated, is distributed computing taken to the next evolutionary level. The goal is to create the illusion of a simple yet large and powerful self managing virtual computer out of a large collection of connected heterogeneous systems sharing various combinations of resources.

The research paper talks about the major issues and concerns involving and revolving around grid construction. It is suggested that the high expansion rates of computer domain, networking and concepts like LAN, WAN have triggered the concept of Grid. The term Grid is chosen as an analogy to a Power Grid that provides consistent, pervasive, dependable, transparent access to electricity irrespective of its source. This new approach to network computing is known by several names, such as meta-computing, scalable computing, global computing, Internet computing, and more recently peer to peer (P2P) computing.

Grid computing allows sharing, selection and aggregation of various computer devices like supercomputers, storage systems, data storage devices that are distributed and the information therein is shared by different organizations. Grid computing also allows resolving problems pertaining to science, engineering and commerce. Although the concept of grid computing was initiated considering the geographically dispersed computers, it has gone way ahead above that. Now grid computing is used in many applications, including collaborative engineering, data exploration, high-throughput computing, and distributed supercomputing.

Conclusion: Grid computing has been initiated to resolve many an engineering problem. As of now the system offers many effective solutions and things may evolve to a much greater and higher level in the future.

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