Jewellery Management System Project in Vb.Net

Jewellery management system or jewellery software application is developed in programming language Using MS Access database. This software application is useful for Jewellery showrooms for managing customers information, purchase details, stock details..etc.

Jewellery Management System
Jewellery Management System Project

Introduction to Project Management software:

In present software trend most of the management work is done through management software. Using software will reduce manual work and employees and improve standard of quality of service with easy analysis of sales and business.

Modules Explanation:

Employee management: Employees working in jeweler shop attendance, personal details, address, phone number and salary details are managed using this module.

Customer information: When customer buy any product or gives order then his details are updated to database with contact details and product purchased details.

Supplier Module: Details of stock supplier to jeweler shop are managed using this module. Supplier contact details, stock details, payment details are updated using this module.

Reports generation Module:  For billing and analysis details are shown in report form. Report module consists of bill reports, sales reports, and purchase reports, cash in and out reports.

Youtube video link to view DFD diagrams

Features over view:

This software provides solution for database back up which will help to store old records.

Admin has unique user name and password for using this software. He can change password delete records, add new records.

Easy to analyze sales and transaction details using report generation module . Admin can generate monthly and yearly reports.

Download Jewellery management system Project in Vb.Net

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  1. Sir plz i need the source code for online jewellery shopping management using the technologies like html, css, bootstrap nd JavaScript…

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