CSE Project Ideas for Students

There various kinds of ideas of projects for students. They can develop a project on gaming to learn phonics. They can develop the prefect on motion capture which has the technique of facial animation. In it we can create prototype to improve the area of animation in 3D. We can create much animation in this field which captures the full body

We can create visual words and environments; this is the use of VWs and VEs for communication and learning. It will generalize the real world of skills. We can do argumentative and alternative communication; with the use of this technology we can do communication from people.

The idea of e-learning is very good but relatively it has given less attention and this topic is interesting and challenging one. For developing this kind of project we will require good programming skill and this project is mostly concern with finding out the solution of the problem. Today an e-assessment of mathematics has made some progress but we can expand it more.

For learning mathematics we can develop game such as pyramid. This will make the teaching of moths very easy. This project will also require many technologies such as java script or flash at the client side and it will user interface skill.

For developing project you can have your own idea but for this you will have to bring new ideas and thoughts. Many projects are of comparison type it means they need to be compare and the criteria used for it are: – testing, in which testing is done of the project. Second is frame work, in which comparison is done from web application and the third is tools, in which is comparison is done on the basis of version of the software.

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