Project Report on Cluster Computing

Introduction to Cluster Computing Project:

There are two types of applications namely cluster aware and cluster unaware applications. A cluster aware application is one which know whether it is running on a cluster or a standalone computer. In this way, it can communicate with other nodes. Another is cluster unaware applications. These don’t know on which computer they are running and hence require additional software for communication.

The components of a cluster are nodes, operating system, network switching hardware, and the node/switch interconnect. First is, application, which are those applications that are running parallel on the nodes. These include different query running on the nodes. This is the input part of the cluster. Second is middleware, which is the software package that acts as an interface between the applications and the operating system. Third is operating system which is used for proper functioning of the nodes. Fourth is interconnect which is a hardware used to connect the nodes. Lastly, there are nodes which are the computers.

Cluster Nodes: In the new node technology the nodes are kept in a rack. These nodes are uniprocessor computers and are connected to a server that gives high processor density decreasing the covered area. This system gives high performance, high speed, large storage but amazingly less cost. There are two parts in this, master node and slave node. The master node is the key node and has major responsibility like handling file system, monitor the health status of slave nodes, and also clustering middleware. On the other hand the slave nodes are the fully functional standalone computers.

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