Generation of Electricity Using Tidal Power EEE Report

The Generation of Electricity Using Tidal Power EEE Report is also explaining the c categories of tidal power; Tidal power can be classified into three main types that are Tidal stream generator, Tidal barrage and Dynamic tidal power.

These days our very actions and consumer power is hurting our planet Earth. Pollution, smog, littering, and most notably of recent times to emerge is the threat of Global Warming. Remarkably society has shifted in attitude, with actions and research being conducted to clean the mess created. The frontrunner idea on how we can have a cleaner future is based on how we harvest our energy. Engineers are looking into Wind, Solar, Nuclear, and Hydro power. The technology around these is still developing and is unpredictable with some having hazardous effects. A smart choice may be Tidal Power.

•           Tidal stream systems make use of the kinetic energy of moving water to power turbines, in a similar way to windmills that use moving air. This method is gaining in popularity because of the lower cost and lower ecological impact compared to barrages.

•           Barrages make use of the potential energy in the difference in height (or head) between high and low tides. Barrages are essentially dams across the full width of a tidal estuary, and suffer from very high civil infrastructure costs, a worldwide shortage of viable sites, and environmental issues.

•           Dynamic tidal power exploits a combination of potential and kinetic energy: by constructing long dams of 30–50 km in length from the coast straight out into the sea or ocean, without enclosing an area.


In conclusion, Tidal energy has the potential to be a leading energy source with the right leadership. Comparing the two systems, Tidal Stream is more of a wise choice than Tidal Barrage. The new major projects to be built for the next 20 years around the world will be the key test.

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